etched in steel(e) Dr. Suzanne M. Steele — editor analyst writer researcher


I have a Master of Library and Information Science, a PhD, a BMus, and am extensively engaged with collaborative work. I edit, write, conduct advanced research (private and public sector) and am available for public speaking engagements and lectures. As a communications advisor I have a growing practice in advising and developing Memoranda of Understanding for Indigenous cross-cultural projects. Indigenous style, that is, the correct usage of language (non-patronizing, ‘de-colonized’*) and protocol are of great interest to me. *I am not fond of short-cut, post-colonial theory-talk however & use the term with hesitation

I am an editor (substantive, developmental, copy), a writer, and an analyst. I have worked extensively in advanced technologies, telecommunications, narrative, education, and the cultural industries. For over two decades I have worked with CEOs and engineers on private sector and government policy projects and commercial applications. I currently work with lead researchers (international) across many fields, and have developed a Middle East sub-specialty (Arabic and Islamic studies) having worked closely with world-class scholars in the field.

My work as a librettist, installation artist, and writer has been performed, read, studied, and heard by over 11 million people worldwide. My newest project premiers with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in 2022.