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Paraphernalia (Works in Progress?)

Finally, after four years of research, a 10,000 km road trip through to the heart of the North American continent, hours and hours in traditional communities working alongside Indigenous translators, more hours in archives, and then more hours writing, refining, refining, the script for Li Keur: Riel’s Heart of the North was finished in December 2020. Scheduled to premiere in Winnipeg in 2020, after a preview with the Regina Symphony in 2019, the world made other plans and it was cancelled and rescheduled for 2021, that was cancelled, and now it is scheduled for 2022 in February with the Winnipeg Symphony. We’ll see.

But librettists move on! Recently, I received an Artist Pivot Award from the BC Arts Council to develop new skills for my artistic toolkit. My goal is to begin learning American Sign Language with the view of an exciting new project (watch this space)!!! And so the next half year or so I’ll be taking private and group ASL classes as I prepare for an exciting fork in the road of my artistic practice. Thank you BC Arts Council for your generous contribution to my practice.